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A work order template is an intra-organizational form that is used to carry out a task without any dispute and that too within selected timeframe. Getting a usable work order template is not a big deal nowadays especially when the power of information is in your hand. But get a fully optimized work order template is a little bit difficult job.

Here, we will go through the various features that a standard work order template should contain and will bring down the things that may inspire you designing your own one at last.

work order templates

What is work order template?

A work order is a sheet or form or any soft reading material that includes how a task should be carried out and who will be the in-charge of the different sections in the scheduled task and the stipulated timeframe are mentioned with a maximum allowance on each task.

Features of a work order template

There are many features that are really needed in a standard work order template that can fit anywhere and in any working condition. Let’s have a thorough idea on the features.

Name of the customer: There should be a place at first for mentioning the name of the customer. If it’s a company then also, the company name should be mentioned.

Work Description: A space for work or job description is needed to understand the work properly. When describing the tasks related to the job always mention the condition of the product when it’s received. It’s a concise description that reflects the whole picture of the job clearly.

Work Order forms

Task scheduling: This is the most important parameter in a work order template designing task. A work or job consists of different tasks. All the tasks should be clearly mentioned with the name of respective in-charge of the sectional work. The time frame must be added there so that they can calculate the optimum time for completing the task because the delay in somewhere in the line affects the whole process.

Quality checking: There should be a specific time frame for quality checking. In a work order, all the process should be mentioned clearly and should be optimized in such a manner so that quality checks can be done.

Status: The last thing a standard work order template should have is the “status” of the product or service- whether it’s deliverable or any fault has been found during a quality check.

Buffer Timing: Buffer time is an important point which is taken into consideration when any fault is found at the last minute! It provides time to restore the faults.

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Importance of a work order template

The work order sheet is the reflection of the work in progress. When any customer inquiries about the status of the work, this sheet can answer all. That’s why keeping this sheet updated is utterly important to have control over the tasks. These lead us to the average timing calculation and SAM calculation of organization’s men power.

work order templates

Work Order Templates- Some Inspirations

Have a look at the below-mentioned templates. These are highly customizable and easily editable.

#1 Versatile Work Order template: This one is considered as one of the best templates if you are just launching your business. It’s simple and easily editable without much intervention. No issue of copyright is attached to it. So you can use it as many times as you want. It’s easily printable.Work Order Template

#2 Simple and clean: Another cool template that can be used without extra effort. It also carries similar features like the previous one. You can get a print whenever you want. It makes the adaptability of the work order template great.

Work Order Templates

#3 Work order template for auto repair jobs: Some of my friends have started their auto repair startups in CA. If you are also looking for starting something similar, then the below work order template will be the perfect fit for you. It’s great, easily editable and with simple excel you can set all the required parameters. Change the colors according to the color of your business logo and just get set ready!

Work Order Template

#4 For photography and video editing services: Professional photography has touched a new height nowadays. If you have setup or looking to set up a  studio for photography services then it would be a fantastic idea! To make your team efficient you will need a quality work order template. This one can help you for your need. Check this out-

Work Order Template

There are a lot of things to mention but for getting a proper inspiration for designing your own work order template, these are enough. Comments and suggestions are always welcome for the betterment of the piece. If you have anything interesting to share, don’t forget to share that also.

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